The Wicked Bachelors' Auction: BRIX (BOOK ONE)

A smooth billionaire winemaker. 
A compassionate bidder with a loving heart. 
With just one sip, it all gets a little WICKED.

As head winemaker of the Los Caballeros winery, I like to keep it cool, collected, and smooth. Knowing my weakness, my sister sends in a secret weapon—Addison Reagan—to convince me to be in the bachelor auction. There’s no way I can turn her down.

After all, she’s everything I’ve been missing. With her unassuming and kind nature, I am bowing down to her every need, and measuring every moment.

I have one mission: get Brix into the bachelor auction. Easier said than done. Brix is stubborn and distant. I’m beyond shocked when he agrees. Of course there’s a catch. There always is with a man like him. I have to be the winning bidder. Not a problem. After all, he’s sexy, charming, and irresistible. He sets me on fire.

With Brix, things are about to heat up. And just when it does, my demons come barreling back. But can I count on a WICKED WINEMAKER to save me from the past?

Releases June 23, 2022 | Pre-order Amazon | Pre-order other eBook retailers

The Wicked Bachelors' Auction: RIDGE (BOOK TWO)

A charming billionaire winemaker with a broken heart.
An assistant DA who's sick of the men interfering in her cases. 
And the WICKED WINEMAKER’S auction that changes everything...

My family started Ridge Winery, so I’m no stranger to getting what I want. But, I was shot down, turned down by a woman I thought was mine. That’s old news now, though. Water under the bridge. I’m not one to wallow or get discouraged, not my style, not my thing. This auction is everything I tried to avoid, and everything I needed. But, I’m determined to make the sassy DA see me in a new light. Let’s just see how WICKED it’s really going to get…

I don’t care how irresistible they are. The so-called good guys shouldn’t be butting into our cases. This isn’t a game of cops and robbers. This is real danger and real lives are on the line. But when it’s my life that hangs in the balance, there’s only one man I trust, one man who can save me. And believe me, he’d climb to the top of the RIDGE to protect me. 

Releases August 11, 2022 | Pre-order Amazon | Pre-order other eBook retailers

The Wicked Bachelors' Auction: PRESS (BOOK THREE)

One cocky billionaire, with a thirst for victory and success.
This winemaker is determined to win—one WICKED way or another.

I've got friends in very high places, and my goal is to outrank, outrun, outsmart them all. But one woman—one feisty, sex title thing, has me tailspinning and vowing to win over nothing but her.

Now it's a full court PRESS to kick off this WICKED auction for the only woman who matters. 

Releases November 2022

The Wicked Bachelors' Auction: ZIN (BOOK FOUR)

One cunning billionaire, with a love of competition and creativity.
This winemaker takes contests to the next level, getting WICKED along the way.

Having a life of lavish luxuries, is more than fine wine and finer women. It takes talent, drive, and a zest for competition, which is why I’m so successful—and a little on the cocky side, but I don’t see anyone complaining. 

From Cab to Pinot and to my special Zin, this auction’s about to get WICKED competitive.

Releases February 2023

The Wicked Bachelors' Auction: CRU (BOOK FIVE)

He’s a billionaire with his own label. And this auction’s about to prove the middle child is always a little WICKED.

I’ve got middle child written all over me. Rules don’t apply to me. Not now, not ever. Caballeros Cru is my label—a creation of my own tastes and desires. One WICKED sip and you’re hooked.

Releases May 2023

The Wicked Bachelors' Auction: BEAU (BOOK SIX)

He’s the youngest Barrett—a handful with a wild side. He’s a gift to the auction with a WICKED little Beau.

I’ve got a passion for fun, wine, and anything fine. As the youngest Barrett, I’ve got a reputation to protect and uphold. But this auction is going to change things; I’m going to show them all how WICKED this winemaker is, and maybe show the winner who’s the best Barrett.

Releases September 2023

The Wicked Bachelors' Auction: SNAPPER (BOOK SEVEN)

A stealthy billionaire winemaker, with a penchant for “tying” things up.
This auction just got a little more WICKED.

Catch ’em. Rope ’em. And watch ’em submit. As a roper, I’m gifted with my hands, and other things.
It’s no surprise they want me in this auction, they’re about to see how fun and WICKED I can get.

The Wicked Bachelors' Auction: KICK (BOOK EIGHT)

One champion billionaire, with talent from his head to his heel.
This WICKED winemaker gives you all the feels.

may be the youngest of this crowd, but I lack nothing in experience. In the vineyard, in the arena, or in the saddle—if you get my drift. This auction’s a piece of cake. One taste of me, and things get wild and WICKED.

The Wicked Bachelors' Auction: BONES (BOOK NINE)

One billionaire geneticist. One sexy female from a feuding family. Will his WICKED plan finally give them their happily ever after?

As a Stanford grad, I’m the brainiac of the Avila family. So why do I feel so stupid? Falling for the enemy—the sexy daughter of the Butlers—turned out to be my ruin. Cutting her loose, moving on, is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Now, I’m at this auction, praying for some reprieve, from the WICKED choices that got me here in the first place.

The Wicked Bachelors' Auction: TRYST (BOOK TEN)

A billionaire widower with the most successful winery in the valley
And the WICKED auction that catapults him right out of his comfort zone.


I have no business being auctioned off in a hot bachelor auction. I've loved, been loved, and lost my undeniable soulmate. Romance and love sure aren't in the cards for an old man like me. However, when this family sets out to get something done, I'm compelled to help out. After all, they've all I've got. But when this auction kicks off, things change quickly for me. She's not looking for a simple TRYST. She wants more from her WICKED bidding.