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Book 1 of the Protectors Undercover releases January 4!

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He’s an undercover MI6 agent looking for a lost teammate. 

She’s an American doctor who’s uncovered a potentially deadly secret. 

Together, can they save the world from an enemy out to destroy both of their countries?


It was one night. A night of pure passion and desire. A night I will never forget. But she walked out, and I never stopped thinking about her. Now, she’s back. Within my reach. And again, she’s off-limits. She belongs to someone else. One of my men. Teaming up with her to take down those who threaten our freedoms seems like a perfect way to get close to her. But there’s more at stake than ever before.


I never forgot him. He was—is—unlike any other man I’d ever known. But the timing was off; I had more happening in my life than I could handle. Now, with him right here, I can feel how much I’ve missed: His touch, his scent, his taste. Except, there’s more on the line than a love affair. We have to keep it professional. But can I do that when I need so much more from this undercover agent?

Undercover Agent was previously released in the Cocky Hero Club World.

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Pre-order on Kindle | Pre-order from other retailers


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