One will and testament might change these alpha cowboys forever . . .

The Roaring Fork Ranch is in financial straits. The only way to save it and receive their share of the trust fund, is for each brother to follow through with
the tasks dictated in an unnamed benefactor’s last will and testament. Whether he’s ordered to leave the state and spend a year
in another part of the country or remain shackled to the ranch that stifles him, one by one, the brothers must carry out the duties ordered in the will.
As each cowboy navigates the year in his new home, he comes to terms with his past while discovering where he truly belongs. 

Take a ride with these rugged and passionate cowboys as they unearth the secrets of their pasts with the women who challenge and love them.


He’s a Colorado wrangler forced to leave his ranch.
She’s a small town girl who knows his family’s secrets. 
Will the truth put more distance between them than ever before?

I’m a Colorado man born and raised. The last thing I want is to head to a rural town in New York where there are farms—not ranches.  

And don't try to tell me they're the same.  In order to save my birthright, I'm stuck here for a year. Problem is, I have no idea why and the one person
who could tell me just died. When I meet Juniper, the voice inside my head says she can help me find what I’m looking for.  
And probably so much more. I know I shouldn't get too close, but she's irresistible.  When all is said and done, and I
pack up my gear and head home, will she just be a distant memory? 

I’m a New York girl born and raised. The last thing I want is to stay in this small town for the rest of my life. I’ve got my ticket to ride. When the cowboy from Colorado shows up, seeking answers to secrets I can help him find, I forgo my life in the big city. To put my dreams on hold for some sexy rancher may be the dumbest thing I've ever done.  But in the end, will he just be a distant memory?

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He’s a roughstocker with a secret.
She’s a rancher who wishes he was dead.
Will these sworn enemies save her ranch before it’s too late?

As a Colorado rancher, I plan to die right here on this land. But apparently, someone has other plans for me—

plans that I’m dreading more than a 4:00 am wakeup call. Spending a year working a failing roughstock operation in a place I swore I’d never return
seems like someone’s idea of a cruel and sick joke—especially when I discover who I’m supposed to be helping.
And believe me, Cici, the young filly running this operation would rather eat hay off a pitch fork than look me in the face.
Admittedly, I don’t blame her after what I did.

Porter Wheaton ruined my life—wrecked my entire world. And now, he’s here and for what? To make amends?

I’m well aware we’re on the verge of bankruptcy, but he’s the last person I’d ever want helping us.
As far as I’m concerned, he’s dead to me—or at least should be.

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He’s a rancher eager to tour the world.
She’s tired of entitled pretty boys.
Will their lives ever be the same again?

I’m trapped in this hellhole for yet another year. Otherwise, my family loses everything. All I want is to rock out on stage and tour the world. Instead, I’m stuck in Crested Butte on the ranch, playing gigs in bars. That’s not even the worst of it. Half of every penny I earn on stage has to be donated to a children’s charity. It’s downright ridiculous. But I’ll do it—for my family. And I’ll be counting every second until I can finally leave this town once and for all.

I am so sick of these rough and tough ranchers acting all holier than thou, but when it comes down to it, they’re just as stingy and selfish as anyone. Of course Holt Wheaton is angry about donating what he earns playing gigs to a charity. These rockstar cowboys come into our bars, flaunt their stacks, and expect all the girls to swoon. But trust me, that man is not getting one second of my time.

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