K19 Allied Intelligence Team One, a covert paramilitary operations unit, is the world’s most secretive, deadly, and lowest profile special ops organization.

When innocent lives are threatened, this team has the strength and intelligence to save them. As the K19 Allied Intelligence Team One agents gear up for counterattacks, the war on trafficking ignites. Come hell or high water, these agents will take down the enemy one by one. Get ready for a perilous and passionate ride in this five-book K19 spinoff series.


A man of honor.
A man of war.
Ares will battle for his country and for those he loves.

They don’t call me “Ares” for nothing. I fight like hell for what I believe in, and I believe in fighting for what’s right. I will take down any enemy who threatens the good of our country—or any country. Human lives are at risk and I’ll be damned if I sit by and watch anyone hurt another. 

When I encounter Margeaux, I know immediately she’s far from my “Nemesis.” Together, we’re going to destroy the enemy—we’re going to win this war. And when we do, nothing will keep us apart.

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A man of strength
A man of danger.
Cayman will destroy anyone threatening his world.

I take my job seriously. I’m strong. Hard as nails. Nothing hurts me, and I refuse to let anyone hurt those I love.

As the new commander of the UK Task Force on Human Trafficking, I have important work to do, and innocent lives to protect. There’s no time for mistakes or distractions.

When I find Bexli—a woman I've loved most of my life—on a sex-slave-auction website, I’ll move mountains to rescue her. After the hell she’s endured, she needs my friendship more than anything but can my heart settle for that alone?

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A man of invulnerability.
A man of unfaltering power.
Poseidon is a force of nature, protecting all who need him.

With a name like “Poseidon,” I’m feared on the spot. I come in like a force of nature, and destroy anyone who challenges me or hurts those I love. In my country, loyalty and rage runs deep.

I know my obsession with Oleander will lead to my ruin, but every touch of her naked skin against mine strengthens my addiction to her. She’s both bellissima and brillante, with a fiery passion and a commitment, like mine, to save the world.

My machismo makes me want to help and protect her. Her pride makes her resist. But if the filthy traffickers target her, my reign of terror will annihilate every one of them. Oleander’s life and heart are in my hands now, and nobody is going to threaten that.

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A man of silence.
A man of rigid precision.
Zeppelin is your worst nightmare, coming in quiet and wreaking havoc on his enemies.

Incredibly smart and unbelievably stealthy, I take my name “Zeppelin” seriously. As a Brit who worked for the US NSA and NRO, I’m experienced and wise, with a penchant for technology. Traffickers can never get by me, and they never even see me coming. 

Teaming up with the young and assertive Verity is not my idea of a good time. But going undercover as her lovesick husband may be my worst nightmare. The last thing I want to do is pretend to like this chick. Let’s be honest, she’s not real happy with this make-believe coupling either. I may have heard her mumble “neanderthal” once or twice. 

The UN Coalition Against Human Trafficking is counting on us, so we’re forced to pull this off one way or another. The object is to kill the enemy—not each other.

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A man of attraction.
A man full of lure and connection.
Magnet is the brawn behind the brains—and impossible to resist.

I’m more than muscle and mastery. I’ve got more than just my head in the game. We’re so close to finding our target, so close to putting an end to the reign of the biggest human trafficking ring in the world. This is the worst time for my commander to add a green agent to my team. I have don’t have the will or the manpower to train her, but there’s something about the woman that attracts me like no other ever has.

Innocent people need me for protection, sanctuary, and I’m not going to lie, for retaliation and redemption too. But there’s something about this particular woman that has me on high alert. Suspicious? Maybe. Sexy? Definitely.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s the power of attraction. This is one connection we’ll never relinquish.

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