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He’s a former CIA agent in love with a younger woman.
She’s confused and broken.
With STRIKER by her side,

is her heart more of a target than ever before?

I do whatever my team needs. I’ll protect and fight for them—no matter the cost. After I meet the alluring Aine McNamara at a wedding, I’m thinking about more than tying the knot. But when tragedy strikes, I know I’m needed elsewhere. Torn between saving her and protecting my country, the battle begins. 

I caved. I surrendered. I gave him my heart, and then he asked me to leave. I won’t let him break me. Not again. But when I need him the most, he’s right there, strong and secure, sympathetic and sure, reminding me, a life with STRIKER is all I want. 

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STRIKER is also available in audio!
Audible | Chirp | Author Direct Audio 
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