Featured Series: Butler Ranch
Where winemaking, lovemaking, and mischief-making abound.

Kade's Worth
He’s a strong, ex-military man with a fierce proclivity to protect those he loves. They call him an alpha. She calls him her hero. We call him Kade Butler. And this is where it all began... 

Brodie's Promise
He’s a grieving brother with promises to keep. They call him loyal. She calls him dangerous. We call him Brodie Butler.

Maddox's Truce
He’s a determined alpha protector on a mission to save his winery. They call him tortured and broken. She calls him forbidden. We call him Maddox Butler. 

Naughton's Secret
He’s a text-book alpha who keeps to himself. They call him quiet and powerful. She calls him chauvinistic and conceited. We call him Naughton Butler.

Mercer's Vow
He’s a bodyguard with an alpha mentality. They call him intense and stealthy. She calls him off-limits. We call him Mercer Bryant.

Kade's Return
He’s a former Marine with an undercover mission. He’s an alpha with a dangerous vendetta. They call him fearless and frightening. Fatale calls him dangerous and desirable. We call him Kade Butler.

Butler Ranch Christmas

The magic of Christmas can be found in the stories of these beloved characters.

Click here to read the first chapter of Brodie's Promise


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