Featured Book: Irished

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He’s an undercover double agent.

She’s his partner’s younger sister.

Together, they’re INVINCIBLE.


Undercover for years, I learned one thing: be careful who you trust. Now, I need to know who’s killing our best operatives. Back on the ranch, I can uncover the secrets, while proving myself to everyone who doubts the truth. But Flynn Wheaton knows more, feels more, than meets the eye. She’s the first truth I’m going to conquer.


Pain hidden by kindness. He’s the perfect mystery, the rugged and inked man with secrets to unfold. He may be my brother’s partner, but I plan to find out more, uncover it all. Until then, there’s only one thing I want to know—when will I finally get IRISHED?

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Ebook | Paperback | Audible | Chirp | Author Direct Audio | Spotify


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