Featured Book: Brodie's Promise 

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He’s a grieving brother with promises to keep. They call him loyal and secure. She calls him the rival. We call him Brodie Butler.

He has one job—deliver a box to his late brother’s grieving fiancée. And Brodie Butler is not going to screw it up. Once the box is in Peyton Wolf’s hands, he’ll return home to mourn his own loss.

That was the plan.

He never intended to fall for the one woman he can’t have.

Instead of closing a chapter of his late brother’s life, Brodie opens a new one. Torn between family loyalty and his undeniable desire for Peyton, Brodie struggles with his guilty conscience. Feeling as if he could never measure up to a hero, Brodie knows he must steer clear of Peyton. But when Peyton’s life begins to spiral, there’s only one man who can help her: Brodie Butler.

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Kindle | Other Retailers | Paperback


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