One widowed bachelor.
One former M16 agent.
There’s nothing WICKED about this little TRYST.

I have no business being auctioned off in a hot bachelor auction. I’ve loved, been loved, and lost my undeniable soulmate. Romance and love aren’t in the cards for an old man like me. However, when this family sets out to get something done, I’m compelled to help out. After all, they’re all I’ve got. But when this auction kicks off, things change quickly for me. She’s not looking for a simple TRYST. She wants more from her WICKED bidding.

Working for K19 Security Solutions, I’ve been around these rugged and handsome men for ages. However, none of them have rocked me to the core like Tryst has. He claims he’s too old for me—too set in his ways. I beg to differ. He’s everything I’ve ever needed and wanted. Convincing this stubborn man to let me in is going to be harder than I imagined. He just needs to understand that I want more than a quick TRYST.

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He's a former CIA operative, who faced off against the Aryan Brotherhood.
She's former Homeland Security, now with the FBI, determined to keep us safe.
Undercover, they're UNSTOPPABLE.

Freelancing for the Invincibles gives me the high I love, and the adrenaline rush I crave. But, being undercover with the sexiest agent ever. sent me into overdrive. Fabricating a relationship opened my eyes to what I really want, what I really need, and I want her. But now that's she's been framed for murder, I know she needs me just as much as I need her.

After months undercover, it’s no surprise that I’m still thinking about him. But, I have to keep my head in the game and not on the irresistible operative who makes me tremble. Except, when someone kills my high school sweetheart and frames me for the crime, I know the only person to prove I'm not guilty, the only person I trust, is him. But, if I rely on him, I know I’ll fall even harder. My desire for him has me completely VEXED.

Releases July 27, 2023 | Pre-order Kindle | Pre-order other eBook Retailers | Read Chapter 1

A man of invulnerability.
A man of unfaltering power.
Poseidon is a force of nature, protecting all who need him. 

With a name like “Poseidon,” I’m feared on the spot. I come in like a force of nature, and destroy anyone who challenges me or hurts those I love. In my country, loyalty and rage runs deep.

I know my obsession with Oleander will lead to my ruin, but every touch of her naked skin against mine strengthens my addiction to her. She’s both bellissima and brillante, with a fiery passion and a commitment, like mine, to save the world.

My machismo makes me want to help and protect her. Her pride makes her resist. But if the filthy traffickers target her, my reign of terror will annihilate every one of them. Oleander’s life and heart are in my hands now, and nobody is going to threaten that.

Releases August 31, 2023 | Pre-order Kindle | Pre-order other eBook Retailers | Read Chapter 1

A man of silence.
A man of rigid precision.
Zeppelin is your worst nightmare, coming in quiet and wreaking havoc on his enemies.

Incredibly smart and unbelievably stealthy, I take my name “Zeppelin” seriously. As a Brit who worked for the United States NSA and NRO, I’m experienced and wise, with a penchant for technology. Traffickers can never get by me, and they never even see me coming. 

Teaming up with the intelligent and hellbent super spy Alena, has our enemies reeling with fear. They know they’re no match for us.

Once we’ve completed this perilous mission, this team isn’t done. I’ve got plans for us—together. And that’s a promise I don’t take lightly.

Releases October 26, 2023 | Pre-order Kindle | Pre-order other eBook Retailers | Read Chapter 1