Code Name: Magnet is Live!
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Book 5 of The K19 Allied Intelligence Team One series is live!

A man of attraction.

A man full of lure and connection.

Magnet is the brawn behind the brains—and impossible to resist.

I’m more than muscle and mastery. I’ve got more than just my head in the game. We’re so close to finding our target, so close to putting an end to the reign of one of the biggest human trafficking rings in the world. This is the worst time for my commander to add a green agent to my team, especially one who lacks self-confidence. I don’t have the will or the manpower to train her, but there’s something about the woman that attracts me like no other ever has.

Innocent people need me for protection, sanctuary, and I’m not going to lie, they need me for retaliation and redemption too. But there’s something about this particular woman that has me on high alert. A handful? Maybe. Sexy? Definitely.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s the power of attraction. This is one connection we’ll never relinquish.

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Kindle | Buy Direct Paperback Amazon Paperback


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