Code Name: Diesel is 3 days away! 

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Book 2 of The K19 Shadow Operations series releases March 10!

Code Name: Caleb "Diesel" Jacks

Target: Bryar Davies

Mission: Use intelligence to ignite the fire of one hot FBI agent


As a Cornell grad and former CIA operative, I've got the wits and thirst for danger to go deep into the shadows. Seeing my fair share of death and destruction, I never flinch when my life is on the line. But when I meet her, I know she's the only one who can truly destroy me. 


This damn serial killer investigation is going to be the death of meā€”literally. And now, Diesel won't let up, protecting me like I'm some damsel in distress. He knows I'm far from it.  My FBI badge and education matches him wit for wit and danger for danger. But let's be completely honest, Diesel has all the right fuel to ignite my fire. I just hope this doesn't all go up in flames.


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