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Code Name: Jasper "Wasp" Theron
Target: Aubrey "Swan" Lee
Mission: Prove once and for all that swans mate for life

As an Air Force fighter pilot, I’m the best in the business. No fear. No hesitation. Attacking when you least expect it. That’s why I can’t sit by when the woman I crave, the woman who challenges me, wants to go undercover against a serial killer. No chance.

It’s the only option, the only plan that’ll work. Infiltrate the enemy and take them down once and for all. I’m an RAF fighter pilot and M16 agent, sitting still is not who I am. But WASP has other plans. Plans to protect me, keep me safe. When I do what I want, it’s WASP who feels the sting.


Why in the hell hadn’t I just listened to Wasp? I should’ve known his premonition wasn’t just paranoia. He wasn’t like that. The man was as cool under pressure as anyone I’d ever known. He’d sworn to me something would go terribly wrong if I insisted on offering myself as bait in order to catch the serial killer who had taken four lives in a matter of months within the small Adirondack State Park region.

While he and I had trained with different branches of military service—in different countries—we’d both learned that listening to our gut, our instincts, was paramount to survival. I’d been so hellbent on what I wanted to do, felt like I needed to do, that I’d ignored him every time he tried to tell me not to go through with it.

If I’d been honest, I would’ve admitted mine was saying the same thing. Instead, I’d been stubborn, intransigent, refused to listen to myself or to him.

And now, I’d gotten what I’d wanted. The kidnapper took the bait all right. Except rather than abducting me, they’d taken him. My beloved Wasp, who’d only wanted for my safety. Only asked that I heed his concerns. Every time I’d told him it was my life and my decision, he’d begged me to reconsider.

He, instead, was the one forced to suffer the consequences of something he’d never wanted to be a part of.

I had to find him. Had to save him. Even if it meant dying myself so he could live.

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