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Next order of business. Verity confirmed shortly before I requested we gather together that AMPS’ Mauritian accounts were closed and the money was transferred to Switzerland. She and Zeppelin will be traveling there this afternoon to determine if it is worth relocating his task force as well as any support they might need,” announced Nemesis, the commander of the UN Coalition Against Human Trafficking and my superior.

Had she not made the announcement in a room crowded with my colleagues, including those who served under me on the Swiss task force, I would’ve asked if she was out of her bloody mind.

Verity, the bane of my existence, had recently been promoted to Unit 23—the UK’s most secretive and deadly team of intelligence agents. I was happy for her when that unit’s commander had made the announcement, but happier for me. Until then, she’d been a member of my team. I’d say she was a subordinate, but that was a role she’d refused to take. In fact, more often than not, she behaved as if she was the commander rather than me.

Every word she uttered made me crazy. It was almost as if she argued with me just for the sake of doing so. The number of times I’d wanted to throttle her was only equal to one other thing—how often I’d wanted to strip her bare and fuck her senseless.

“I want to speak with the two of you,” Nemesis said when Verity and I came at her from opposite directions.

Thank God. Nem had seen the error of her ways, and instead of Verity and I working together, the woman would be reassigned.

“Zeppelin, while I would normally leave it to you to craft your mission, in this case, I’m going to make a suggestion.”

My eyes widened. In the world of intelligence, when a commander uttered the word “suggestion,” it was widely accepted to mean “demand.”

“We’ve received intelligence indicating there may be a lead to follow in Saint Moritz.”

“Saint Moritz?” Both Verity and I gasped at the same time.

“You and Verity will be going undercover as a couple on their honeymoon.”

She had to be joking. By the look on Verity’s face, she agreed.

“Ma’am, you cannot be serious,” Verity ventured.

“I could not be more so.” Nemesis walked away. Was it my imagination, or was the woman smirking?

Coming January 18, 2024 | Preorder Kindle | Preorder Other Retailers