Strong, fearless men determined to protect those they love. They're called fierce and forbidden. The women they love call them powerful and sexy. We call them the men of Butler Ranch.

Introducing the irresistible Butler brothers…

In this five-book series, Slade will take you on a journey of passion and peril as you meet each of the Butlers. From overseas CIA ops to the vineyards of California’s Central Coast, the guys in these stories will prove what we’ve always known: a good man is hard to find.

Enjoy the temptation as the Butlers fight for justice while protecting the women who have stolen their hearts. Bound by brotherhood, they are fiercely loyal.

Let the men of Butler Ranch protect you from harm, melt your heart, and curl your toes.

K19 Boxed Set Team One: Books 1–4

Rugged. Dangerous. And mouth-wateringly sexy.
They’re the protective and powerful partners of K19 Security Solutions.
With bold and beautiful women by their side, our country is safe, sound, and secure.

Introducing the daring and dangerous private intelligence agency, K19 Security Solutions. In this four-book boxed set, these men will battle external enemies and internal passions to protect each other—and the women they love.

Slade will span the globe from plane crashes, kidnappings, and destroyed missions to bring you right back where you belong—into the arms of your hero. But which one of these irresistible men will melt your heart? Only the men of K19 Security Solutions can solve that mystery.

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K19 Boxed Set Team 2: Books 1-3

They’re back!
Sexier, stronger, and more charming than ever before...
The protective and powerful partners of K19 Security Solutions are more determined to keep you safe, sound, and satisfied.

The daring and dangerous agents of the K19 Security Solutions are up against perilous enemies that threaten the globe. It’s up to these irresistible, rugged, and powerful men to keep this country out of harm’s way. And the feisty and gorgeous women by their sides keep them grounded and sane as they battle the dangers that threaten us.

Join Slade as she takes her readers on a continuing journey of danger, suspense, and passion in this volume two boxed set. Enjoy the ride—one mission, one man, one pleasurable moment at time.

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They’re rugged and powerful intelligence agents with a desire for sexy, feisty women.
As one, they’re unstoppable. Together, they’re INVINCIBLE.

When security and intelligence is threatened, the partners of the Invincible Intelligence and Security Group come to the rescue. They save lives. They challenge each other. And they protect the strong women they fall for. The men and women of the INVINCIBLES get the job done.

In this four-book boxed set, Slade will take you on a global journey of espionage, passion, danger, and desire. As these fearless operatives conquer perilous obstacles, one thing is crystal clear: they’re INVINCIBLE.


Incredibly rugged, inexplicably intelligent, and indisputably handsome, these former military commanders and CIA agents are invincible.

When the world is threatened and danger is imminent, you want someone invincible on your side. These agents are the men and women for the job—battling enemies, rescuing the innocent, and stealing the hearts of those they desire. So buckle up as the Invincibles Team Two takes us on a perilous journey of espionage, deceit, and even pleasure. From country to country with danger looming, there’s nothing to fear; they’re INVINCIBLE.  


Rough, tough, and rugged, these hotter-than-all-get-out cowboys are ready for a wild ride.
They’re ranchers with a slow drawl and a sweet spot for the fillies they can’t tame.
Tip your hats to the Cowboys of Crested Butte.

Welcome to Crested Butte, where you get down and dirty with the irresistible and sexy ranchers of Colorado. These cowboys will pull you in with their gentleman charm and challenge at every turn with their stubborn all-male mentality. But at night, when the moon sets over the mountains, there’s only one thing you’ll want: a cowboy to light your fire.

In this five-book boxed set, Slade takes you on a wild ride of rodeos, country music, and barrel racing. Watch as real men fall head over heels for the spunky and fiery women they just can’t tame. Giddy up, cowboy, this is going to be one bumpy ride!