I’m so happy you’ve come to visit my website!

I write stories set in places I love with characters I’d be happy to call friends. I have two series out, Butler Ranch and Cowboys of Crested Butte.

Butler Ranch is set in one of the hottest wine regions in the world tucked in the hills north of San Luis Obispo on the central coast of California. Take a peek at this series with a different kind of cowboy in a place where winemaking, lovemaking and mischief-making abound.

The Cowboys of Crested Butte takes place in some of my favorite Colorado towns. Crested Butte isn’t only one of the best ski areas in the world, it’s also home to Flying R Rough Stock and the hotter than all get out cowboys who run it, some who have been NFR World Champions, and even a rock star or two.

I write women who are share an incredible package of abilities, each in their own way. They’re self-confident, successful, intelligent and strong. While some men may not be able to handle women like that, the men in my books yearn for them.

Nice to meet you, and thanks for reading!


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