After his mother's death, he’s taking a break from life as usual.
She’s his best friend and he’d do anything for her.
After a cross-country road trip, will things between them turn a little WICKED?

As the youngest Barrett, I have a reputation that belies who I really am. Everyone believes I’m a billionaire bad boy who travels the globe seeking fun, wine, and anything fine—the antithesis of my older brother. But something is calling to me—something I can’t quite understand. With enough money to want for nothing is it possible that I want what’s been right under my nose all along?

I’m not one for secrets and mysteries, but suddenly, I’m right in the middle of my own to solve. Out of nowhere, a woman I’ve never met left me her entire estate on the other side of the country. I’m prepared to take this journey alone. However, my fiercely protective but often overbearing best friend insists he’s coming along—and, thankfully, refuses to take no for an answer.

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He’s a billionaire with his own label. She’s in love with his best friend.
And this auction is about to prove that relationships can get a little WICKED.

Taboo and forbidden, but I can’t shake what I feel. She’s my best friend’s girlfriend, but they’re on; they’re off. 

It’s a nonstop cycle that I’d love to put an end to, and let her see how a real man can treat her.

They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Well, we’re so hot and cold, that I never know if I have him or not.

But this time, when I need him the most, his best friend comes instead—yet again. Don’t get me wrong, Cru is my rock, my security,
the one who always shows up. But when Cru walks out on me too and I fear it’s for good, I’m not sure I can handle it.
I have to prove to him that there’s only one WICKED WINEMAKER for me.

Releases August 29, 2024

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One young doctor. And the WICKED way he works the body. 

As a doctor, I’m the brainiac of winemakers. When I’m not healing patients, I’m saving lives in a different manner, facing danger head on.  
When I’m on that auction block, the ladies are going to swoon.  I know everything there is to know about the human body.  
A woman is putty in my hands from head to toe—and from skin to BONES.

Releases February 27, 2025


A stealthy billionaire winemaker, with a penchant for “tying” things up.
This auction just got a little more WICKED.

Catch ’em. Rope ’em. And watch ’em submit. As a roper, I’m gifted with my hands, and other things.
It’s no surprise they want me in this auction, they’re about to see how fun and WICKED I can get.

Releases June 26, 2025


One champion billionaire, with talent from his head to his heel.
This WICKED winemaker gives you all the feels.

I may be the youngest of this crowd, but I lack nothing in experience. In the vineyard, in the arena, or in the saddle—if you get my drift. 
This auction’s a piece of cake. One taste of me, and things get wild and WICKED.

Releases December 11, 2025