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Going back home changes everything…

He’s the best in the business—just ask him…

Freelance contractor for security and intelligence, Decker Ashford's a rugged and tough ranch manager with a brain to match. But when a woman dies in his arms on a dark road, Deck's hellbent on uncovering the mystery behind her death.

She hung up her cowboy boots for city-slick stilettos… 

Determined to leave the ranch behind, Mila Knight sets off for life in Boston without a second glance at the hay-baling world she grew up in. But when her sister's death brings her back to town, she’s determined to unearth her family's hidden secrets.

Relying on each other may be harder than they realized…

As Mila and Deck search for answers, their chemistry ignites. However, the last thing Mila wants—or needs—is to get pulled back into small-town life. But when her sister's killer sets eyes on Mila, Deck will do anything to save her. Can Mila trust her heart and stay when she's determined to walk away?

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This rebel has a cause…

Former M15 agent, Keon “Edge” Edgemon is counting the seconds until he can get back to the one woman who’s piqued his interest. After a perilous mission for the Invincibles, Edge spends months in recovery from a gunshot wound that almost ended his life. Finally back home in Texas, he discovers that Lucy “Rebel” Marks is in jail for murder. Edge won’t rest until she’s free—and back in his arms.

Hellbent on proving her innocence, Rebel is determined to get to the bottom of who really killed the man who’d tried to rape her the same night he was murdered. She’s not about to spend the rest of her life in prison for a crime she didn’t commit when she can spend her life in Edge’s arms—and bed.

When Edge starts digging into the murder, one thing is certain: Rebel’s life is in danger. Arranging for her to be released on bail, Edge brings Rebel to the King-Alexander Ranch to keep her safe under his careful watch. For Rebel, “house arrest” can’t be too bad, especially when she has Edge’s constant attention. But can the youngest member of the Invincibles save Rebel from an enemy with a vendetta, or will they both be pushed over the edge?

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When the odds are against them, they fight for each other.

First loves torn apart…

With a Tuscan backdrop of romance and innocence, sixteen-year-olds Miles "Grinder" Stone and Pia Deltetto learn of love and loss. After a whirlwind romance, they return to their separate lives with a hope of reconnecting someday.

Broken and battered…

Severely wounded in battle, Grinder refuses Pia's sympathy and pity. However, when he realizes the true danger Pia is in, Grinder will do anything to save the only woman he's ever loved. With everything on the line, she's forced to trust him with her estate, her life, and her heart. But has too much time passed to bring to shattered souls back together where they belong?

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He’s determined to protect her. She’s determined to tempt him. Together, things get RILED up.


It’s a job, only a job. I’m doing a favor for the Queen, but watching over this young, sexy, and incorrigible woman is frustrating, as she parades around half-naked without a care in the world. My mind and body won’t agree. But when her life is threatened, my sixth sense kicks in. Saving her is my only mission. But everything about her has me all RILED up.


Suffocating, I’m nearly drowning in this life I’m trapped in. But when he comes in to watch over me, things are definitely looking up. He’s sexy and rugged as Hell. Tempting him becomes my favorite hobby. Something’s holding him back, something haunts him, or is it someone? I’m determined to help him get rid of his pain, let go of his demons.After all, this man’s got me all RILED up.

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Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.


My partner, my confidante, my friend, and my lover. At least that’s what she thinks. After all, she’s been through, I’ll keep up the charade. It’s the least I can do, for the beautiful, feisty, smart woman, who stole my heart. After the truth comes out, she leaves without a trace. But when she’s in danger, I’ll move mountains to get her back.


He lied. He played me. He broke me. I refuse to stick around, and be his fool. He may be strong, rugged, and perfect, but this SIREN waits for no man’s call. He may have lit my fire, but no amount of SMOKE can rekindle this smolder.

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She’s a city slicker. He’s a cowboy to the core. Together, opposites may attract but, will sparks fly.


Getting called back to the ranch, after my dad dies, I know I have my work cut out for me. As a CIA operative, I can juggle it all. Always have. Always will. But when she needs my help, I can’t possibly refuse. After all, she’s the sexiest city slicker, this Buck has ever seen.


My heart and soul is in the city. The last place I ever saw myself was on a ranch, getting filthy, and smelling like a barn all day. But I need his help, and he needs mine, whether he realizes it or not. As for him, the most rugged and irresistible man I’ve ever known, I can make this sacrifice. After all, this city filly could use a BUCK of her own.


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