Incredibly rugged, inexplicably intelligent, and indisputably handsome, these former military commanders and CIA agents are invincible.

When the world is threatened and danger is imminent, you want someone invincible on your side. These agents are the men and women for the job—
battling enemies, rescuing the innocent, and stealing the hearts of those they desire. So buckle up as the Invincibles Team Two takes us on a perilous journey of espionage, deceit, and even pleasure. From country to country with danger looming, there’s nothing to fear; they’re INVINCIBLE.


He’s a former CIA operative who juggles it all.
She’s a hard-core investigative reporter.
Together, they’re INVINCIBLE.

Heading called back to the ranch, after my dad dies, I know I have my work cut out for me. As a CIA operative, I can juggle it all. Always have. Always will.
But when she needs my help, I can’t possibly refuse. After all, she’s the sexiest city slicker, this Buck has ever seen. 

My heart and soul is in the city. The last place I ever saw myself was on a ranch, getting filthy, and smelling like a barn all day.
But I need his help, and he needs mine—whether he realizes it or not. As for him, the most rugged and irresistible man I’ve ever known,
I can make this sacrifice. After all, this city filly could use a BUCK of her own.

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Code Name: Buck (Object Series) | Roscoe and TJ 's Story (Discreet Series)
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He’s an undercover double agent. 
She’s his partner’s younger sister.
Together, they’re INVINCIBLE.

Undercover for years, I learned one thing: be careful who you trust. Now, I need to know who’s killing our best operatives.
Back on the ranch, I can uncover the secrets, while proving myself to everyone who doubts the truth. But Flynn Wheaton knows more, feels more,
than meets the eye. She’s the first truth I’m going to conquer.

Pain hidden by kindness. He’s the perfect mystery, the rugged and inked man with secrets to unfold. He may be my brother’s partner,
but I plan to know more, uncover it all. When my life is threatened, there’s only one thing I want to know, Will I finally get IRISHED?

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Code Name: Irish (Object Series) | Paxon and Flynn's Story (Discreet Series)
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He’s a playboy MI6 agent trying to change his ways.
She’s a future minister jilted at the altar.
Together, they’re INVINCIBLE.

I’ve got a reputation to mend—a lifestyle to correct. Hell, I’m no saint; I like my women. But I want this job more than anything.

Walking the straight and narrow is going to be hard, but being an INVINCIBLE is even harder. But the hardest job of all:
not torturing the deadbeat thug who left a beautiful and innocent woman high and dry.

Jilted, alone, and totally broke. Stranded in a foreign country was not exactly my fantasy honeymoon.

Yet here I am with no clue how to get out of this. And then out of nowhere, I’m gifted a miracle in the shape of a strong, sexy, and stubborn MI6 agent
who insists on being my knight in shining armor. Whoever said that the sinners are much more fun have never met SAINT.

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He’s a ruthless attorney.
She’s a determined bar owner.
Together, they’re INVINCIBLE.

Bottom line, I put the hammer down. That’s the truth and nothing but the truth. But when the CIA director calls in a favor, I’m forced to comply.
Keeping an eye on his feisty, reckless sister goes way beyond my retainer. The relentless bar owner
doesn’t know when to throw in the towel, which is why I can’t get enough of her.

On my own, doing it my way, that’s all I want. Maybe the bar wasn’t the greatest idea. Punks are stealing from me, quitting on the spot,
and worst of all, I’m breaking up bar brawls nightly. Now, I’ve got a rabid lawyer breathing down my neck.
Granted, he’s hot as Fireball on a Friday. But I have a job to do; the last thing I need is to get HAMMERED.

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He's an Invincibles contractor on the fast track to partner.
She's a cult captive looking for answers.
Together, they're INVINCIBLE.

’m on my way up—up the Invincibles ladder, ready and willing to be named partner. But first, I need to take down the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas,
a brainwashed cult that will stop at nothing to get ahead, even hurt their own kin. And that doesn’t sit well with me.
When I meet her, the daughter of the brotherhood, I know something is wrong, and dangerous. She’s in trouble and has nobody to turn to—until now.

Conflicting feelings. Emotions that have me reeling. My father is dead. The grief is real, but the relief is paramount. I’m free.
I’ve escaped the clutches of him and his vile men. With nowhere to go, I have to trust the Invincibles, especially the one who’s trying to help me.
But something tells me, if I get too close, he’ll RIP my heart out.

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