Have you downloaded your copy of Tackle yet? Look what early readers are saying!

A Brilliant Book! The secrecy and suspense, added with the miscommunication between them is what makes this book stand out. The characters are so well written that you cannot help but hope they succeed.

Bring on the Feels! I loved this book so much! Sloane and Tackle’s story worked for me on every level. Lots of emotions and some turmoil are blended with some drama and tension. Sprinkle with a bit of sweetness and a hint of the forbidden and wrap it in a cloak of heart and heat and you have yourself a excellent read that keeps you engaged, invested and entertained.

Tackle and Sloane are my new favorite couple! They had amazing chemistry and I loved their story throughout all the ups and downs. I hope to see them in future books, along with all the other great characters in this series. I especially liked Tackle’s mom in this one.

Amazing story! Sigh….. I am a fan of those sexy hot alpha heroes and Tackle fits that to a tee. Such a strong confident guy until it comes to matters of the heart. This book has such amazing characters willed with strong intense emotions that leave you totally hooked until the very end! Don’t hesitate to read Sloane and Tackles story.


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