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An M16 agent’s in love with the wrong woman.
A Russian assassin’s harboring secrets.
Cold and calculating, guaranteed to make you SHIVER.

I put all our lives on the line. Mine, my team, and anyone trying to stop me from protecting her—and releasing her. I may be the Marquess of Wells with a dying father, but that doesn’t hinder me from what I want, and I want her.

Secrets. As a Russian assassin, I am riddled with them, Especially now with a ten-million-dollar bounty on my head. They want me dead. He wants me in his bed. Either way, I’m going to suffer, if the secrets get out. But there’s no denying, the marquess makes me SHIVER with desire.

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#mi6 #militaryintelligencesection6 #wilder #heatherslade #romanticsuspense #romance #suspense #kindle #nook #kobo #apple #applebooks #ibook #paperback #signedpaperback


MI5 Agent’s taking the “forbidden” out of love.
Homeland Security’s breaking hearts.
Reckless and ruthless, guaranteed to get WILDER.

I’m used to life undercover, full of secrets and espionage. As an MI5 agent, I take on a lot, but nothing more challenging than the sexy secret weapon for US Homeland Security. Getting the tenacious woman to relent, to succumb, is coded: mission impossible, but I’ve got tricks to make anyone cave.

A deadly poison. I know what they call me. I’ve earned my name. With terrorist attacks, piling up, I’ve got an enemy to take down. Now, I just need to weaken the powerful MI5 agent, to get what I want. If it means shattering his heart—and mine—in the process, then so be it. Things are about to get WILDER than ever before.

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An MI5 alpha buried in work takes her into protective custody.
A feisty investigative reporter fears for her life.
Fiery and furious, they cling to one another in a PINCH.

Overworked. Underappreciated. And overwhelmed. But that’s nothing new. As an M15 agent, that’s my life. Fight the enemy, and protect my country. But when Esland Cartwright starts poking around, I’m not about to let her destroy another case. I don’t care how unbelievably beautiful or persuasive this reporter is—she’s got to go. The terror in her eyes, tells me she needs me, and I always come through for a sexy woman.

A story full of mystery, betrayal, and murder is every London Times reporter’s dream. Couple it with a professional football, and I am ready for the challenge. But when a body is left on my floor with a note, “You’re next!” I know I’m in over my head. I want the story, the lead, the byline. But I need help to get it, and when he walks in, nobody better PINCH me to wake me from this dream.

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A Texas rancher in love with an M16 agent.
An aristocrat with a dislike for the elite.
Opposites attract and ignite in the SHADOW of the night.

I’ve never fit in, felt at home. with a family full of dukes, duchesses, and intelligence agents, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Being a part of Her Majesty’s Secret Service is the only answer, my only dream, to end this nightmare of boredom. But walking away from him, the rugged and rough rancher who stole my heart, is tragic and unfair. Like everything in life.

Hard work, hot days, and cool nights, that’s the life I know and love. Being on the ranch is who I am, what I am, and what I’ll always be. Letting go of the strong and beautiful duchess, seems unimaginable. When you unleash that kind of passion, you hold on. That’s something I know. But her fire and desire, belong elsewhere. That’s something else I know, beyond a SHADOW of a doubt.

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Military Intelligence Section 6 Boxed Set

A country to protect, secrets to keep,
And women to love
These are the alpha men of Military Intelligence Section 6.

Torn between duty and love, passion and power, the men of MI6 are always one the go. Bedding their women and destroying the enemy, these alphas have their work cut out for them. Come take a journey across the globe with Slade as she takes her readers into perilous situations and steamy encounters, bringing them back into the arms of their heroes.

In this four-book series, Slade will get your heart racing, your blood boiling, and your toes curling as the guys of Military Intelligence Section 6 battle the enemies and warm the hearts of the bold and beautiful women they need by their side. Are you ready for the irresistible men of Section 6?


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