When love cuts like a knife...

K19 Security Solutions partner, Tabon "Razor" Sharp has seen his fair share of tragedy, but one thing is for certain: he never forgets a face. Agreeing to be his buddy's groomsman means he'll once again reunite with the enchanting and gorgeous, Ava McNamara. Unable to finish what they started last time, he's more than ready to reignite the spark with Ava.

But the wedding brings on more than he bargained for. Meeting Ava's father throws a wrench into his plans. Her father isn't who he claims to be. And Razor is determined to uncover all the facts. Torn between exposing a criminal and protecting Ava, he struggles between duty and desire. Now, it's up to Razor to protect the woman with the haunted eyes even if it means destroying everything she's ever known. Will they recover from the truth or will Razor's cut wound her too deeply?

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Falling for the enemy never felt so good.

K19 Security Specialist Gunner Godet is so deep undercover that nobody on his team knows where he is or what he's signed up for. And now that he's vowed to help a sexy and mysterious woman from the dirtiest Russian organization in all of Eastern Europe, his only chance at survival lies in her hands—and arms. Luckily, Gunner refuses to give his heart to a woman ever again. Otherwise, he'd be in more danger than he ever imagined.

Zaryana "Raketa" Ivashov wants out—out of the game. But pulling out of this "political party" means defecting and trusting an enemy. As Gunner and Raketa journey for safety, their attraction grows stronger, their passion undeniable. But can two sworn enemies find happiness in a world of danger and betrayal?

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More is at stake than a holiday surprise or two...

The K19 Security Solutions team is typically ready to serve and protect at any given time. But the holidays call for even more vigilance and protection—from each other. As families navigate through Thanksgiving and Christmas, more conflicts arise. Just as Zary and Gunner discover a Christmas miracle, Ava and Razor have a secret of their own. Can the K19 Security Solutions team get to the New Year without destroying the magic of the holidays or will the season bring more than they bargained for?

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This mantis has a lot to pray for…

K19 pilot Mantis Cassman will do anything to reconnect with the love of his life. Being deep undercover for months has given him time to think—and all that matters is Alegria Mondreau. However, after Mantis nearly loses her in a perilous K19 op, he realizes that his best friend, Dutch Miller, also has feelings for her. As the three friends struggle with their feelings, friction escalates. Three's a crowd and one man must go. And neither is going out without a fight.

But when an enemy from their past comes back with a vendetta, more secrets surface. To keep them together and safe, Mantis will need more than prayers.

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He killed her only chance for answers. She'll do anything to uncover the truth.

K19 Security Solutions partner Dutch Miller always takes down the enemy. But when he shoots and kills a Russian assassin holding a gun to CIA Special Agent Malin Kilbourne’s head, Dutch single-handedly ruins Malin’s top-secret mission.

Intending only to protect her, Dutch whisks Malin off to a private island. All he wants is for her to trust him with the truth, but the details of her mission just don’t add up.

Malin’s trust in Dutch died when he broke her heart. But she realizes he is her only hope at exposing the CIA without getting herself killed. Can she protect her heart and her country without losing it all?

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Will one perish while the other thrives?

Former CIA agent and K19 Security Solutions partner, Griffin "Striker" Ellis is lovestruck when he meets the alluring and irresistible Aine McNamara at her sister's wedding. But when tragedy hits, Striker knows that beginning something with Aine is impossible.

As tensions heighten in South America, Striker is forced to track the Islamic State leader recently exiled to Colombia. With the enemy planning a terrorist attack on American soil, Striker strategizes to protect his fellow Americans at any cost. But when he discovers that Aine's health is in jeopardy, Striker will do anything for her.

He finds himself torn between his loyalty to his country and the woman who has stolen his heart. Will one perish while one thrives?

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His lips are sealed, but she’s screaming for more…

Silence is his most dangerous weapon…

K19 Security Solutions partner, Rhys “Monk” Perrin works hard and keeps his mouth shut. Doing what he’s told, when he’s told, Monk’s missions are the most perilous and extreme. After all, he’s riddled with guilt from years ago that’s left him numb and dangerous. But when he meets his partner’s older sister, Saylor Sharp-Davis, Monk realizes there’s more to fight for.

She talks the talk, but fears the walk…

Saylor is no stranger to the life of private intelligence operatives, growing up with one of K19’s senior partners for a brother. The majority of the danger she’s faced was at the hands of her ex-husband. And when she encounters Monk and his gentle touch, she craves it again and again. But she’s not about to let down her guard.

The enemy is closer than they realized…

When Saylor’s life is threatened, Monk is hellbent on protecting her—refusing to lose another person he loves. But circumstances are tearing them apart, and time is running out. Will the strong, silent savior finally say what he wants?

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The picture-perfect portrait isn't always what it seems...

After surviving a plane crash and a kidnapping, I just want to lie low. But when one of our own goes missing, K19 Security Solutions needs me, and I can’t refuse. I owe them my life.

With a trip to Italy to find the missing debutante, one thing is certain: she’s in over her head. I just can’t figure out if she’s a pawn in her father’s game, or if she’s helping run the show.

Getting closer to her, and knowing every curve of her body, is the only way to get to the truth. They may call me “Halo,” but I’m no saint. I am going to be her savior, though.

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She’s the only thing he can’t TACKLE.


I can handle anything. That’s why they call me “Tackle.” Kidnappings, plane crashes, whatever life throws at me, nothing gets the best of me. But Sloane is the one thing that weakens me. I can’t resist that smile, that charm, that body. Too bad she’s off limits, or at least should be. She my best friend’s kid sister,

But she’s no kid. She’s all woman now, and when it comes to her, I am one weak man.


I’ve loved him since high school. Tackle is more than my brother’s best friend, he’s my long-time, knee-weakening crush. After one night, I can’t possibly get enough. But I want more than this forbidden love affair. I want the whole nine yards. So what’s it going to be, my brother or me?

Can I TACKLE this man once and for all? 


K19 Boxed Set Books 1-4

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When love cuts like a knife...

Falling for the enemy never felt so good.

More is at stake than a holiday surprise or two...

This mantis has a lot to pray for…


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