He’s a fiercely loyal and determined former agent vying for a second chance.
She’s been broken and betrayed by those she trusted most.
But with RAZOR by her side, can any cut be too deep?

Villainy. Immorality. Downright evil. I’ve seen it all. As a founding partner of K19 Security Solutions, I never forget an enemy, or a face. The enchanting one that belongs to Ava McNamara, keeps me awake at night. Tomorrow, we’ll be reunited and I plan to finish what we started. I’ll let nothing go undone, unsaid, or untouched.
Tragedy. Pain. Betrayal. My family isn’t who I thought they were, but this wedding is my chance to reconnect with the one man who takes my breath away. When he backs away in order to protect me, save me from everything I thought I knew, I wonder if I can I let RAZOR take me to the edge all over again?

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He’s a military hero falling for the enemy.
She’s a Russian spy who wants out of the game.
With GUNNER by her side, can she finally take her shot?

As a K19 Security founding partner, stealth is my middle name. Where I am is always need to know—even to my team. I like to keep it secret and discreet, so helping a sexy and mysterious woman from a dangerous Russian organization is right up my alley. But giving her my heart, may be more perilous than even I can handle.
I want out. I’m sick of living on the fringes, facing certain death every day of my life. I need to defect, and in order to do that, I must get help from a man who considers me an enemy. I’ve got one shot—one chance at a new life. Can I trust him enough to take it with GUNNER?

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More is at stake than a holiday surprise or two...

The K19 Security Solutions team is typically ready to serve and protect at any given time. But the holidays call for even more vigilance and protection—from each other. As families navigate through Thanksgiving and Christmas, more conflicts arise. Just as Zary and Gunner discover a Christmas miracle, Ava and Razor have a secret of their own. 

Can the K19 Security Solutions team get to the New Year without destroying the magic of the holidays or will the season bring more than they bargained for?

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He’s a former fighter pilot determined to get her back. 
She fell for his friend after he broke her heart.
With MANTIS now back at her side, she’s praying for answers.

Even as a pilot, I face battles that take me away, put my life at risk. When I’m undercover, I sometimes feel forgotten. Now that I'm back, all that matters is helping Alegria heal. I’ve loved her since college; I’d do anything to get her back, to make her happy­—even if it means walking away. 

I loved him first. He knows that. But he left me. And when he did, I fell for someone else. Now that he’s back, there’s more on the line. Our lives are in danger. We need a lot more than prayers, we need MANTIS ready for the fight.

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He’s a K19 partner and sworn alpha protector.
She’s a CIA special agent on a top-secret mission.
Can she risk her heart by going Dutch again?

I refuse to let anything stop me or get in my way. I shoot to kill and my aim is true. The enemy always goes down. But when the enemy has her, glock locked and loaded right at her temple, I take my shot, killing him, but ending her high-risk mission.

He ended it all. My mission. My vendetta. More than that, he broke my heart. I can’t go back to what we were, even though I know he’s my only chance, my only hope of coming out of this without being burned. But will going DUTCH shatter my heart all over again?

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