They fight the good fight. They never back down. They come in quickly, quietly, and deadly. They’re K19 Allied Intelligence Team Two.

Nothing deters K19 Allied Intelligence from taking down their enemies. Their current mission is to eliminate one the largest and most lethal of the Italian mafia families—the Calabrian Syndicate. These courageous and compassionate agents, who stare in the face of death daily, are ready to end the threat of this criminal society once and for all. Their journey into a world of peril might be dangerous, but the men and women of K19 Allied Intelligence refuse to let anything stop justice from prevailing.


A tortured man.
A redemptive man.
Puck is desperate and driven—a man to be watched.

As a former MI5 agent assigned to the UK’s task force of the United Nations Coalition Against Human Trafficking, I’ve walked a fine line between right and wrong—always making sure to do what’s necessary for the greater good. Kidnapping my commander for help is no exception. I do what needs to be done.

But when I discover that the woman who captured my heart is still alive and in danger, I need all the help I can recruit to save my beloved Seshat. With the full-force of the coalition and SIS searching for her, we have to be stealthy and quick. Time is of the essence. Seshat’s secrets and past are riddled with enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy her and her future happiness. And now that I know the truth about everything, I’ll do whatever it takes to protect her. Can I save the only woman who matters before it’s too late?

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A man of courage.
A man of redemption.
Michelangelo is precise and perilous—a man to be respected.

After spending five years in prison, serving time for the crimes I’ve committed, I’m now ready to live a life very different from the one I previously led. Becoming an agent for K19 Allied Intelligence means I’ll play a part in taking down one of the world’s worst crime families—the Calabrian Syndicate. Like every other criminal society, the list of their acts against the innocent is long, the worst of which is human trafficking.

Their crimes against Penelope, selling her gallery millions of dollars in forged art, might seem inconsequential to the men and women who’ve spent their careers fighting against the vilest individuals the world has ever known. But when Pen, my sister’s closest friend and the woman who captivated me from the moment we met, decides to go up against the Calabrians on her own, turning my back on her is not an option. How will I choose between my heart and my duty without letting either down?

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A man of power.
A man of professionalism.
Typhon is deadly and dangerous—a man to be feared.

As commander of Unit 23, the most secretive unit in SIS, discretion and discipline are paramount to my line of work. With my crew teaming up with M16 agents, I'm forced to come face-to-face with a negligent and careless agent from my past. I do not do unprofessional and sloppy work—not when lives are at stake. 

When I encounter the most captivating woman I've ever met, there's nothing stopping me from sweeping her off of her feet, like a typhoon out of nowhere. Eliza Fox is brilliant and funny, keeping me laughing and on my toes. She's everything I never knew I wanted in a woman, including that abhorrent agent's cousin. And trust me, he hates me just as much as I hate him. Eliza’s loyalty to him is the only thing keeping us apart.

But when her life is on the line, can I count on him to help me save the one woman who stole my heart?  

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