Invincibles Team Two Sale!

In honor of the Furied release on Thursday, the Invincibles Team Two series is on sale! Bucked is FREE and the rest of the books are only $.99 for a limited time! 

Incredibly rugged, inexplicably intelligent, and indisputably handsome, these former military commanders and CIA agents are invincible.

Invincibles Team Two Paperbacks Sale!

 Invincibles Team Two paperback sale! All Invincibles Team Two paperbacks are on sale this week only! $10 plus shipping (reg $16.99).

Order your Invincibles Team Two paperback today!

Invincibles Team Two Audiobooks Sale!

All available Invincibles Team Two audiobooks are $1.99 this week only on Author Direct Audio!

Order Bucked

Order Irished

Order Sainted

Order Hammered

Order Ripped


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