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He’s a wounded M15 agent.
She’s a rebel with a vendetta.
Together, they’re INVINCIBLE.

Wounded, trapped, and broken, after a gunshot lands me in the infirmary, all I want is to get back, to the one woman who piqued my interest, and ignited my fire. But now, she’s in jail, wanted for murder. I won’t stop until she’s back where she belongs, in my arms, and in my heart. 

Pained, jailed, and broken, after being assaulted and left for dead. They tried to shatter me, take my security and break me, but they don’t know me. They fueled my fire and ignited my vengeance. Now, Edge Keon is here to help keep me safe, and in his arms. But my pain and plan will not be EDGED out.

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Ebook | Paperback | Audible | Chirp | Author Direct Audio | Spotify


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