A guitar player looking for redemption.
A widow needing a second chance at love.
Fall hard for the rockstar and the cowgirl…

Barrel racing competitively was my dream, but my heart took me elsewhere, into the arms of a F15 pilot, forever—or so I thought.
Fate had other plans, leaving me alone, raising our daughter, widowed and broken. Now, years later, back on the ranch, cranky and bored, I need more, want more.
And when Ben Rice’s music reignites my fire, he’s all I can think about, all I want. But why would a rock star fall for a cowgirl like me? 

Hard work, dedication, and talent, got me where I am, climbing the Billboard music charts, following my dreams. But when Olivia Fairchild shows up in my life,
my dreams, my fantasies, my desires, start to shift. I can’t give her what she wants, what she deserves, now I need to make sure this cowboy doesn't fall.

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A single dad cowboy in over his head. 
A younger girl with dreams of her own.
Dance along with an alpha bronc rider and the girl-next-door.

Eight seconds, jump-started my life. Renie, the beautiful girl-next-door, my best friend and confidante, is finally taking notice,
of this new champion at the height of my career. Nothing can stop me. Until it does. When my past swoops in, everything changes.
Now, a single dad, out of the blue, with a child who needs me. Suddenly, what I want, what I need, can no longer be what I have.

A childhood crush, that’s all it was. Until he kissed me and changed everything. Now, he’s all I want, and all I think about. 
But when his hands are full with a bundle of love and joy, I know this is not my time, not our time, even if all I want is to forever be, this cowboy's last dance.

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A tortured cowboy trying to move on. 
A city girl stuck in holiday humdrum.
Two competitive, alpha brothers vying for her attention.
Will she kiss one cowboy goodbye?

Jealous and destroyed is a hard way to live; I know it. But my brother betrayed me once, he’d do it again. I can’t trust him with her, and she’s all want. After the pain of the past, she’s the first to give me hope, give me excitement. But when he moves in, I know one thing: they can all kiss this cowboy goodbye. 

Crested Butte, Colorado is the last place I want to be. But, the other choice was worse. Home alone—for the holiday. Suddenly, Thanksgiving just got a lot spicier. Not one but two irresistible and mouthwatering cowboys, with bodies and charm that don’t quit, are battling to get me into the saddle, and into their beds. But these brothers have a secret, a secret that could start a war, tear their family apart. Now, I’m in the middle, torn between passion, desire, and pain. One look, and I’m saying it all over again, "Give me a kiss, cowboy."

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A professional saddle bronc rider falling for the wrong woman. 
A broken heart trying to move on.
Can the alpha cowboy STAY WITH ME?

Love ’em and leave ’em, but, it’s me they’re leaving. Always falling for the wrong woman. More times than I can count. This time, it’s different.
I can’t compete with the rival, her late husband, a man she loved with all her heart. Comforting her, healing those gaping wounds, it’s all I want to do.
But it seems like I’m waiting for a dream that’s never going to happen. Sometimes, walking away is the only answer. Even when the question wasn’t asked. 

Broken and shattered, left alone with the shards of my past, destroying any hope for my future. Little by little, he’s putting the pieces back together.
But he wants more, more than I can give. Clearly, he’s pulling away, away from us. Even though, I’m not ready, don’t if I ever will be. Can I ask this cowboy to stay?

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A Cowboy Stays (Object Series) | Jace and Bree (Discreet Series)


A lost cowboy vying for sponsorship. 
A sponsor who’s sworn off bad boys.
Win your hearts over with the bull rider and the business woman?

Sponsorship—that’s the only answer to catapult my career. If I can get Lost Cowboy to sponsor me, then, I’ve hit it big.
When I meet the irresistible woman with my future in her hands, I know I have to convince her that I’m the one, the one she needs, the one she wants. 

Off limits. Completely forbidden. Out of the question. This isn’t my first rodeo; guys like the sexy Bullet Simmons, are bad boys you can’t trust or rely on.
But he’s not giving up. He wants our sponsorship, wants me, in more ways than one. I’m caving, succumbing to his charm. This cowboy just might win my heart.

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A Cowboy Wins (Object Series) | Bullet and Tristan (Discreet Series)