Releasing: December 17, 2020

She’s a city slicker. He’s a cowboy to the core. Together, opposites may attract but, will sparks fly.


Getting called back to the ranch, after my dad dies, I know I have my work cut out for me. As a CIA operative, I can juggle it all. Always have. Always will. But when she needs my help, I can’t possibly refuse. After all, she’s the sexiest city slicker, this Buck has ever seen.


My heart and soul is in the city. The last place I ever saw myself was on a ranch, getting filthy, and smelling like a barn all day. But I need his help, and he needs mine, whether he realizes it or not. As for him, the most rugged and irresistible man I’ve ever known, I can make this sacrifice. After all, this city filly could use a BUCK of her own.



Releasing: February 16, 2021

She’s the only thing he can’t TACKLE.


I can handle anything. That’s why they call me “Tackle.” Kidnappings, plane crashes, whatever life throws at me—nothing gets the best of me.

But Sloane is the one thing that weakens me. I can’t resist that smile, that charm, that body. Too bad she’s off limits, or at least should be. She my best friend’s kid sister. But she’s no kid. She’s all woman now, and when it comes to her, I am one weak man.


I’ve loved him since high school. Tackle is more than my brother’s best friend, he’s my long-time, knee-weakening crush.

After one night, I can’t possibly get enough. But I want more than this forbidden love affair. I want the whole nine yards. So what’s it going to be, my brother or me? Can I TACKLE this man once and for all? 



Releasing: August 16, 2021

Going once, going twice, sold to the sexiest woman alive.
Sexy, smart, and everything I've ever wanted, Addison Reagon has been on my radar since the day we met. But as the head winemaker of a prominent California winery, I'm burdened, busy, and bogged down. No time for fun, for romance, for anything.
An eligible bachelor auction—finally, here's my chance. Auctioned off to irresistible willing women, but there's only one I want to share my bed with. If she agrees to bid on me, I will guarantee it's worth every single penny.

She wants me in this auction? Done! But now, I want her in every way possible.


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