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He’s a retired military hero.
She’s deceived and hurt. 
Together, they’re INVINCIBLE.

Friend, partner, confidante, and lover. I’ll tell her anything she wants to hear. After all that she’s endured, I’ll keep up the charade. But when the truth comes out, She vanishes without a trace. As danger sets in, I know one thing: Come Hell or high water, I’ll get her back.

Lies. Deceit. Betrayal. He broke me. And I refuse to stick around playing his fool. He may be strong, rugged, and perfect. But this siren waits for no man’s call. He tricked me once, I’ll be damned if I get SMOKED again. 


“Siren!” I called out as I ran into the burnt-out building I’d seen her enter a few seconds before I did. “Siobhan! Where the fuck are you?”

I knew why she’d run past the fire marshal and into the scorched shell of the former antique shop: she was looking for the safe that was in the back storage room of the derelict place. I also knew why she refused to answer me.

“Siren!” I yelled again, staying low to the ground, hoping to get a glimpse of her through the haze of smoke.

As if it were a special effect, the cloud suddenly cleared, and in front of me stood the woman I’d hated and loved equally in the months I’d known her.

“Get out of here, Smoke. This is none of your concern,” she shouted.

“It may not be,” I said, taking a step in her direction. “But you are. Let me help you, Siobhan.”

“I was never your concern, Broderick, except to play with.” Her Irish brogue was thick, like when she was about to cry.

“Please.” I took another step closer and held out my hand. Before I was near enough for her to take it, I heard a crack above us. I dove in her direction, covering her body with mine as the still-smoldering ceiling came crashing down on us both.

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