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“It warms my heart to see you two together. We’ve missed you around here,” Sorcha said to Press when he and I approached her.

I waited for him to argue, tell Sorcha we weren’t together, but he didn’t speak other than to thank her for her hospitality.

“Are you stayin’ here tonight, then?” she asked.

“At Seahorse. But I’ll return before zero eight hundred.”

“Shame,” she said, nudging me with her elbow.

“Sorcha,” her husband, Laird, admonished.

She rolled her eyes and winked at me before saying good night.

“I fear Sorcha is getting the wrong idea about you and me,” he said when we walked up to the door of the cottage where I was staying on Sorcha and Laird’s Butler Ranch.

“She’s not the only,” I mumbled more than said.

“My apologies.”

“What for?”

“If people getting the wrong impression about you and me makes you uncomfortable.”

“It doesn’t. What about you?”

“Luisa, I—”

I leaned up, kissed his cheek, and rushed inside, closing the door behind me. Instinctively I knew I didn’t want to hear whatever he was about to say. I wanted to fall asleep thinking about how I felt when I was with him tonight. How it felt as though things had changed between us. And tomorrow, if we were back to however it was before, I’d accept it.

I’d just finished brushing my teeth, washing my face, and changing into the sweats and T-shirt I slept in when my phone vibrated. I threw myself on the bed and grabbed it, hoping it was Press asking if I wanted him to read to me before I went to sleep, something he did to help me keep my nightmares at bay.

Instead, when I swiped the screen, I screamed.

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