He’s a strong, ex-military man with a fierce proclivity to protect those he loves. They call him an alpha. She calls him her hero. We call him Kade Butler. And this is where it all began...

Kade Butler has to do one thing before he starts over. One man saved his life and catapulted his career. And after a mysterious disappearance, Kade knows he owes it to him to drop everything and find him. 
Leaving Peyton Wolf is the hardest thing he’s ever done. She’s his world. But sometimes, loyalty trumps love. He must promise to come back to her even when the odds are stacked against him. After all, there’s only one man Peyton will ever need: Kade Butler.



He’s a grieving brother with promises to keep. They call him loyal and secure. She calls him the rival. We call him Brodie Butler.

He has one job—deliver a box to his late brother’s grieving fiancée. And Brodie Butler is not going to screw it up. Once the box is in Peyton Wolf’s hands, he’ll return home to mourn his own loss.

That was the plan.
He never intended to fall for the one woman he can’t have.

Instead of closing a chapter of his late brother’s life, Brodie opens a new one. Torn between family loyalty and his undeniable desire for Peyton, Brodie struggles with his guilty conscience. Feeling as if he could never measure up to a hero, Brodie knows he must steer clear of Peyton. But when Peyton’s life begins to spiral, there’s only one man who can help her: Brodie Butler.

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He’s a determined alpha protector on a mission to save his winery. They call him tortured and broken. She calls him forbidden. We call him Maddox Butler.

The family feud between the Avila and Butler families has been volatile for years. Maddox Butler changed the course of the war once when he saved the rival Los Caballeros Winery from ruin.

But that was then…
This is now…

The beautiful and feisty Alex Avila blames Maddox for threatening her family’s livelihood. After the death of his brother, all Maddox wants is peace and quiet with no battleground in sight.

Alex has other plans and desires…

Secret lovers, Alex and Maddox ignite in conflict. Suddenly, there’s a fine line between love and hate. Neither the feud, nor the fence between their vineyards, is enough to keep the forbidden lovers apart. When Alex’s life is in danger, she knows there’s only man who can save her: Maddox Butler.

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He’s a text-book alpha who keeps to himself. They call him quiet and powerful. She calls him chauvinistic and conceited. We call him Naughton Butler.

Naughton Butler refuses to ever bring harm or heartache to his family, so he prefers a life of solitude. But when he and his brother inherit prime vineyard property, Naughton is forced to open up and hire a new winemaker—someone ruthless and powerful—someone who can handle the job.

But the infamous Bradley St. John is nothing like he imagined.

She’s a sexy, smart spitfire and more woman than Naughton can handle. Now, Naughton is burdened with his desire for Bradley and his need to protect his family from secrets that could destroy them. With the truth looming, will Bradley realize that there is only one man skilled and strong enough for her: Naughton Butler?

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He’s a bodyguard with an alpha mentality. They call him intense and stealthy. She calls him off-limits. We call him Mercer Bryant.

Mercer Bryant made a promise—one he intends to keep—even if it kills him. He would do anything for his partner. Keeping secrets and fulfilling promises goes with the territory. His current mission: discreetly protect Quinn Sullivan at all costs. As a former CIA operative, Mercer knows his way around violent and undercover operations. Protecting the independent and fiery Quinn keeps him on his toes. But, she wants nothing to do with him or his mission.

Hellbent on keeping his promise, Mercer takes on the enemies responsible for his partner’s disappearance—but there is more on the line. Keeping Quinn safe means letting down his guard and letting her into his heart. Suddenly, Quinn sees Mercer for more than just the man next door. Now, she needs to accept that there is only one man to keep her alive: Mercer Bryant.

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He’s a former Marine with an undercover mission. He’s an alpha with a dangerous vendetta. They call him fearless and frightening. Fatale calls him dangerous and desirable. We call him Kade Butler.

When M16 agent Merrigan “Fatale” Shaw rescues the presumed dead Kade Butler from captivity, all he wants is to avenge the enemies who threaten his family.

Teaming up, Merrigan and Kade search for hidden documents that will expose everything. As peril intensifies and the Russians close in, their desire ignites. Torn between passion and duty, Kade and Merrigan are determined to protect their hearts. Will Merrigan realize there is only one man she’ll risk her entire career for: Kade Butler?

Her mission was clear: go undercover to infiltrate a Russian organization. But when the MI6 agent discovers that two former CIA operatives are being held captive, rescuing them becomes paramount for her.

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Butler Ranch Box Set

Strong, fearless alpha males, determined to protect those they love. They're called fierce and forbidden. The women they love call them strong and sexy. We call them the men of Butler Ranch.

Introducing the irresistible Butler brothers…

In this five-book series, Slade will take you on a journey of passion and peril as you meet each of the Butlers. From overseas CIA ops to the vineyards of California’s Central Coast, the guys in these stories will prove what we’ve always known: a good man is hard to find.

Enjoy the temptation as the Butlers fight for justice while protecting the women who have stolen their hearts. Bound by brotherhood, they are fiercely loyal.

Let the men of Butler Ranch protect you from harm, melt your heart, and curl your toes.