Will the cowboy’s love for the secret agent become a shadow of a memory or will fate bring them back together?

Darrow Whittaker has always felt irrelevant in her family of dukes, duchesses, and MI6 agents. She found the aristocracy a bore, but being a part of Her Majesty’s Secret Service was something she’d dreamed of since she was a child. When she’s given the opportunity of a lifetime—to begin MI6 training in England—she knows she has to leave behind the rugged cowboy in Texas who took her breath away. Why does following her dreams also mean shattering her heart?
Quint Alexander knows his way around the ranch. After all, it’s all the cowboy has ever known. He’s content and fulfilled, until he meets the fiery and driven Darrow, and everything changes. Suddenly he finds himself daydreaming of another kind of life—one in which he allows his own aspirations out from where he’s kept them buried. For the first time, Quint is thinking about forever, but can he find it with a woman whose life is based on the other side of world?


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