He’s a loner by choice.
She’s a winemaker in a man’s world.

Harboring a secret that could tear his family apart, Naughton Butler chooses to take on life alone.  But when he and his brother inherit four hundred acres of prime vineyard property, it’s up to them to decide how to manage their family’s winery.  To do so, the brothers hire the new kick-ass, hotter-than-Hell winemaker, Bradley St. John.

Landing a job at the Butler Ranch Winery is a dream come true for Bradley.  But when Naughton thinks she’s nothing more than a joke, Bradley sets out to prove that a woman is the best person for a man’s job.  As she shows off her skills and talents, Naughton realizes Bradley’s more woman than he ever imagined.  But can he fall for someone like Bradley when the truth can destroy them all?

This book was previously released as The Secret.


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Code Name: Mayhem is live!
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