Crisp, sweet, or dry—these billionaire winemakers will have your mouth-watering for more…

Just when you thought those Wicked Winemakers were off the market, they're back for more.

They have one mission: protect the world from danger. Founded by four of the CIA’s best,
only the strongest, toughest, and most badass are invited to join K19 Security Solutions.

Their only mission: eliminate deadly threats. With five of the strongest, toughest, and most badass agents,
the elite K19 Security Solutions team is on the job.

Code name: K19 Shadow Operatives Team One
Target: Fiery and powerful women
Mission: Save the innocent and capture the hearts of the women who ignite them

K19 Allied Intelligence Team One, a covert paramilitary operations unit, is 
the world’s most secretive, deadly, and lowest profile special ops organization.

They fight the good fight. They never back down. They come in quickly, quietly, and deadly.
They’re K19 Allied Intelligence Team Two.

Their mission is clear—stopping terrorism, disrupting the activity of hostile states, and giving the UK a cyber advantage. These are the Royal Agents of M16.

Protectors Undercover will take you on a journey of passion, peril, and fast-paced, page-turning pleasure.
Get ready to be “protected” from someone you’d never expect.

Former military commanders, CIA agents, and MI6 officers—they are as bulletproof, unconquerable,
unbeatable, and unobtainable—as they are invincible.

Incredibly rugged, inexplicably intelligent, and indisputably handsome,
these former military commanders and CIA agents are invincible.

From espionage and peril, to passion and betrayal, these agents refuse to back down from anything. 

Rough, tough, and rugged, these alpha cowboys are ready for a wild ride.

One will and testament might change these alpha cowboys forever.