Crisp, sweet, or dry—these billionaire winemakers will have your mouth-watering for more…

Start saving your pennies now and place your bid for the bachelor that
curls your toes and keeps you guessing. Going once…Going twice…

Just when you thought those Wicked Winemakers were off the market, they're back for more.

While some of the members of Los Caballeros may be happily married, there are more of our favorite good-guy vigilantes going up for bid at the fundraising event that’s always the talk of the town—the Wicked Winemakers’ Ball. Dump those purses, open up those wallets, and get ready to pay for the bachelor you crave the most. Who’s ready to sip some wine while swooning over the hottest men in California?

They have one mission: protect the world from danger. Founded by four of the CIA’s best,
only the strongest, toughest, and most badass are invited to join K19 Security Solutions.

Intelligence is their business, but passion is their talent. Only the strongest can prevail, and these five agents are determined to win the war against their enemies.
No fight, no challenge, no mission is too dangerous for the badass agents of K19 Security Solutions Team One—especially when someone they love is at risk.

Their only mission: eliminate deadly threats. With five of the strongest, toughest, and most badass agents, the elite K19 Security Solutions team is on the job.

Join K19 Security Solutions Team Two as they journey across the country and overseas to ensure safety for all. Whether protecting innocent strangers or
the people they love the most, these strong, confident, and skilled intelligence agents take us on a quest for answers, amidst peril, betrayal, and passion.
Be prepared as they wiggle their way into your hearts—and dreams.

Their mission is clear—stopping terrorism, disrupting the activity of hostile states, and giving the UK a cyber advantage. These are the Royal Agents of M16.

They’re torn between duty and love, passion and power, reputation and regality. At the same time,
the Royal Agents of M16 destroy the enemy, journey across the globe into perilous situations, and steamy encounters.

Code name: K19 Shadow Operatives Team One
Target: Fiery and powerful women
Mission: Save the innocent and capture the hearts of the women who ignite them

This spinoff series from K19 Security Solutions takes readers into the darker depths of security and espionage.
The Shadow Operations Team One agents are sexier, stronger, and more dangerous than any of the rugged, alpha heroes you’ve encountered before.

K19 Allied Intelligence Team One, a covert paramilitary operations unit, is the world’s most secretive, deadly, and lowest profile special ops organization.

When innocent lives are threatened, this team has the strength and intelligence to save them. As the K19 Allied Intelligence Team One agents
gear up for counterattacks, the war on trafficking ignites. Come hell or high water, these agents will take down the enemy one by one.
Get ready for a perilous and passionate ride in this five-book K19 spinoff series.

They fight the good fight. They never back down. They come in quickly, quietly, and deadly. They’re K19 Allied Intelligence Team Two.

Nothing deters K19 Allied Intelligence from taking down their enemies. Their current mission is to eliminate one the largest and most lethal of the Italian mafia families—the Calabrian Syndicate. These courageous and compassionate agents, who stare in the face of death daily, are ready to end the threat of this criminal society once and for all. Their journey into a world of peril might be dangerous, but the men and women of K19 Allied Intelligence refuse to let anything stop justice from prevailing.

Protectors Undercover will take you on a journey of passion, peril, and fast-paced, page-turning pleasure.
Get ready to be “protected” from someone you’d never expect.

Unafraid, these agents and operatives are ready to take down the ruthless criminals who threaten the lives of the innocent.
Whether they’re picking off enemies one by one or taking them down in droves, these rugged, handsome, and cocky agents shield not just
the strong-willed, sexy spitfires they love, but all other decent, moral lives that are threatened.

From stealthy snipers to warriors from the most powerful intelligence agencies in existence,
the fearless Protectors Undercover will do whatever it takes to find sanctuary for all of us.

Former military commanders, CIA agents, and MI6 officers—they are as bulletproof, unconquerable, unbeatable, and unobtainable—as they are invincible.

When security and intelligence is threatened, the partners of the Invincible Intelligence and Security Group come to the rescue. They save lives.
They challenge each other. And they protect the strong women they fall for.
As these fearless operatives conquer perilous obstacles, one thing is crystal clear: they’re INVINCIBLE.

Incredibly rugged, inexplicably intelligent, and indisputably handsome, these former military commanders and CIA agents are invincible.

When the world is threatened and danger is imminent, you want someone invincible on your side. These agents are the men and women for the job—
battling enemies, rescuing the innocent, and stealing the hearts of those they desire. So buckle up as the Invincibles Team Two takes us on a perilous journey of espionage, deceit, and even pleasure. From country to country with danger looming, there’s nothing to fear; they’re INVINCIBLE.

From espionage and peril, to passion and betrayal, these agents refuse to back down from anything.

They stop at nothing to save the world, to get what they want, and to steal the hearts of the people they love.
They won’t stop. They can’t stop. It’s who they are.
The UNSTOPPABLES are ready for you. Are you ready for them?

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