2 Weeks to Code Name: Michelangelo!
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The second book in K19 Allied Intelligence Team Two releases on May 30!

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A man of courage. A man of redemption. Michelangelo is precise and perilous—a man to be respected.

After spending five years in prison, serving time for the crimes I committed, I’m now ready to live a life very different from the one I previously led. Becoming an agent for K19 Allied Intelligence means I’ll play a part in taking down one of the world’s worst crime families—the Calabrian Syndicate. Like every other criminal society, the list of their acts against the innocent is long, the worst of which is human trafficking.

Their crimes against Penelope, selling her gallery millions of dollars in forged art, might seem inconsequential to the men and women who’ve spent their careers fighting against the vilest individuals the world has ever known. But when Pen, my sister’s closest friend and the woman who captivated me from the moment we met, is taken to get to me, I’ll do anything to save her. Even it means I’ll be sent back to prison.

While all books in this series are standalones with their own HEAs, they may be more enjoyable read in order.

Read Chapter 1 of Code Name: Michelangelo

Pre-order on Kindle | Pre-order from other retailers


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